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Excellent social impact takes hard work, passion, and expertise.

Good work is more important than ever. And how you do your good work is more dynamic than it's ever been. We built this platform to help social impact teams wrap their arms around their entire portfolio. We're here to help you do good work better. 


Why I Built Ethos Tracking

I kept looking for a tool that offered best-in-class tracking and data management for today's social impact leaders. I couldn't find it. So I built it.


1 You’re already doing the work

2 Walking the walk is necessary to stay competitive

3 The world needs fixing

Emily Kane Miller

Emily Kane Miller

Founder and CEO
Emily Kane Miller

Ethos Tracking Vision

Emily Kane Miller is a seasoned social good strategist with deep experience in corporate and individual giving. She is the founder and CEO of Ethos Giving, a leading Social Impact firm. Equal parts head and heart, Emily has spent her career working for social change. Ethos Tracking’s design is deeply informed by Emily's experience envisioning and stewarding philanthropic contributions, employee engagement initiatives, and community-based campaigns that maximize benefit and value for all. Prior to founding Ethos Giving, Emily served as VP of Philanthropy & Community Affairs at The Wonderful Company, leading the organization's award-winning philanthropic efforts. Prior to her tenure at Wonderful, Emily worked in a variety of capacities in California and Washington, D.C. for both government and advocacy groups. Emily holds a BA from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a JD from the University of Arizona School of Law.

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