Why I Created Ethos Tracking

For the last decade, I’ve been lucky enough to work at the tip of the spear of social impact. The “Good Team” of the 21st Century is a formidable force. “Corporate good” is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s a need-to-have. Philanthropists are no longer writing checks with the hope that their dollars will make a difference; they are working side-by-side with partners to ensure that a difference is made. Nonprofits and nonprofit leaders are driving tangible and measurable impact like never before.


Working in the midst of this seismic shift, I’ve had the opportunity to support, architect, and lead deeply impactful, multi-faceted social good initiatives for businesses, families and individuals, and nonprofits. 


While the details and goals varied – one theme remained constant. We didn’t have the tools we needed to do our best work. Once we’d set up our approach, identified our KPIs and got started – we were missing a clean, value-add, dynamic system to track, manage, and report on the work. Without one, it was very hard to be strategic and effective. 


When I launched Ethos Giving – a Social Impact Services Firm – my search for a better tool continued. I wanted to be able to offer a great tracking resource to our clients alongside our services. Instead, I was left with complicated Excel sheets and data sets pulled together with scotch tape and lots of manual reminders. 

I got tired of waiting for someone else to create the system of my dreams. 


So, I built it. 


I love it. Here is why I think you will, too. 


You’re already doing the work

Good exists everywhere. Whether you’re part of a nonprofit, a corporation, a government agency, a foundation or a family – there are powerful examples of altruism and action all around us. Today’s leaders are truly looking to make lasting, impactful, dynamic change in society. They have real dollars to deploy and real opportunities to use the resources at their disposal as a force for good. Still, it’s hard to stay on top of this multi-faceted work, and have the data presented in a way that supports quality reporting and decision making. Ethos Tracking gives leaders and teams the insights they need to be effective, responsive, strategic decision makers.


Walking the walk is necessary to stay competitive, and current solutions don’t set you up to win

Whether it’s your customers or clients, your employees or talent pipeline, your donors, your investors, or the public at-large – social impact is top of mind. But what isn’t tracked is hard to manage and amplify. Current tracking solutions are incomplete, expensive, and/or focused on the end-user – not the team responsible for the work. We built a tool by social impact professionals for social impact professionals so you could have a 360° view of all of your good work in one place, manage it better, and then share your impact with the world.


The world needs fixing

I don’t need to convince you of the brokenness in our world today. We need anyone who has self-selected to be part of the solution to punch above their weight. I built Ethos Tracking to help all of us on the “Good Team” to stay focused, organized, and excellent. There’s a lot riding on our success.

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