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Social Impact Power Chat with Daman Morissette of Manitobah

Daman Morissette, Director of Social Impact at Manitobah—a B-Corp certified footwear company—shares his inspiring journey into the world of #CSR, which is anchored by a commitment to supporting indigenous communities across Canada and the United States. Discover how Daman's career trajectory, initially in social services, led him to embrace a role where he could make a tangible difference.   Learn about Manitobah's powerful social mission, driven by indigenous values of reciprocity and respect for the land. Through its four pillars of impact – Art in Action, Education for Change, Trade for Community and Sovereignty through Leadership, Manitobah is not only creating exceptional footwear but also fostering positive change within indigenous communities. As he looks to the future, Daman envisions a world where indigenous voices are elevated and where sustainability and respect for the land are integral to business practices. To learn more about the resources Daman recommends, please visit (bit.ly/4a6gqy8) and #UNDRIP [bit.ly/3PjGfmE]

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