Ethos Giving: Founder and CEO, Emily Kane Miller

Ethos Giving: Founder and CEO, Emily Kane Miller

By: Emily Kane Miller

In this episode, Alex talks with Emily Kane Miller, the visionary behind Ethos Giving, to unpack the layers of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the realm beyond compliance. From tracing the fascinating history of philanthropy post-World War I to dissecting the motivations behind embracing CSR during the Cold War, this episode is a rollercoaster through ethical business practices. 


Dive into the complexities of CSR frameworks, the rise of sustainability efforts in the 1990s, and explore how businesses today can be instrumental in tackling global challenges. This episode offers a fast-paced journey through the past, present, and future of corporate impact, sharing actionable insights for a purpose-driven business revolution. Tune in for a dynamic exploration of Ethos Giving's impact blueprint and discover how businesses can shape a sustainable and purposeful future.


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Listen to the episode here.

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